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As SimpleFlight Radio starts its 9th season, we decided to sit down and revisit with Andy Thome, who was our guest twice in the last three months of 2019.  At that time, Andy was going through an airplane purchase process and shared his experience from start to finish.  His purchase of a 1959 Piper Comanche 180 in December, was not the end of the story.  Quite the opposite.  Similar to a TV newscast that warns its viewers that the following story could be quite disturbing, we must warn you the journey Andy has been on will probably make you cringe.  The good news is there is much to be learned from the story, including how Andy is dealing with the less than perfect experience he continues to face.  

As a pilot, we are taught how to deal with adversity and stay focused on taking our journey to a safe and successful conclusion.  That is exactly what Andy has done for the last several months.  So sit back, relax, and listen and learn from Andy as he shares the story of his journey since buying his plane in December of 2019. 

Brandon and Marc wonder if they would've navigated the process as well as Andy.  We're interested to have you join the discussion with your opinion and any questions you have of the SimpleFlight crew.  And at the same time, share your thoughts with the rest of the SimpleFlight Facebook and Instagram community @simpleflightradio

Thanks for being a part of the SimpleFlight Family!!

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