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With our reoccurring theme of aviation bucket lists,, many would say flying into KOSH during Airventure is near the top of the list.  But once you've done that, how do you top it?  How about being a part of one of the mass arrivals.  Sounds pretty good, but how do you prep GA pilots to take on the risk and responsibility of flying in formation to the world's business airport?

That's what Brandon and Marc wanted to find out when they sat down with Chip Gentry – Director of Legal Affairs and Assistant Director of Operations's for the Cherokees to OSH mass arrival team (  Suffice it to say, there are a lot of considerations for logistics planning, pilot preparation, and coordination across pilots, airports, and airspace.  This year, the 60th anniversary of the Piper Cherokee, brings special meaning, as the group is capping participation to 60 PA24, PA28, and PA32 pilots.

Listen in to this episode of SimpleFlight Radio, as Brandon and Marc sit down with Chip to go behind the scenes to find out how a group of people can team together to ensure the end result is a safe and smooth arrival.  We hope you enjoy the show.

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