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If you haven't listened to the October 13 podcast, we suggest you take a few moments and do so now.  You'll get a chance to meet two members of the Leading Edge Flying Club (KPWK), who each have a dream of plane ownership.  During the show, we learned they each brought a different mission, budget, and philosophy to their decision making process.  Both have made significant strides towards their goal.  There's a lot we can all identify with.

On this week's episode, we'll reconnect with Andy Thome to get an update on his progress (spoiler alert  - he bought a plane).  Yet, other than a picture, he still has not had a chance see the plane in person, as "she" goes through a series of steps before she can be flown to her new home.  It's an interesting story and quite an education for the rest of us.  We hope you enjoy the show.

We're interested to have you join the discussion with your opinion and any questions you have of the SimpleFlight crew.  And at the same time, share your thoughts with the rest of the SimpleFlight Facebook and Instagram community @simpleflightradio

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